Rob Wolf

Author of The Alternate Universe

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The Alternate Universe

It’s an average day in an average suburb.
In an alternate universe.

Claude thinks his biggest problem is trying to impress his new boyfriend when a much bigger problem comes along: his father vanishes and several clues suggest that his dad is lost in time.

In search of answers, Claude and his friend Carolien outmaneuver killer robots, stay a step ahead of the world’s most powerful corporation, and confront one of the darkest episodes in human history. But they are quickly running out of time.

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The Escape

What if the world’s biggest corporation controlled history?

In Part 1 of Khronos Chronicles, Claude and his best friend Carolien race to find his father’s time machine before it falls into the hands of the largest corporation in the world.

Now, in Part 2, the time machine whisks them to the southern plantation where Carolien’s ancestors were slaves and where their actions will either give a ruthless corporation absolute control over time or will bring their families—and the world—back together.

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